[Rap Beef] Soulja Boy Goes In On Hopsin, Says Diss Track Is On The Way

Earlier today, Soulja Boy took to his webcam and had some words for the stand out, up and coming Cali rapper Hopsin.

Soulja Boy has some very strong words for Hopsin as he says:

“f*ck Hopsin, Im about to go in the studio and record this Hopsin diss real quick.”

SB continues:

“that n****’s a bitch, f**k that b*tch ass n****”

Soulja continues with some more harsh words for Hopsin and adds that he’s going to drop the diss record tonight.

Stay tuned to Def Sounds for Soulja Boy’s Hopsin diss track when it drops.

Check out the footage of Soulja Boy going in on Hopsin below: