Schoolboy Q: Habits And Contradictions

In an era of Ringtone Rap, Hip Pop and where the line between R&B and Rap is finer than ever, MC’s in the classic sense of the word are few and far between. The MC’s of Top Dawg Entertainment are of the few up and comers that are keeping the genre close to its roots. After the release of Jay Rock’s debut album, Follow Me Home, Kendrick Lamar’s highly acclaimed Section.80, and now Schoolboy Q’s Habits & Contradictions, these Black Hippies are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. So, TDE starts the new year off with a bang with Q’s second independent album.

Production: 4.5/5

With just under half of the album being produced by members of Digi+Phonics, the album has a very laid back feel, perfect for someone in a group that calls themselves Black Hippy. Even Lex Luger puts his usual drum kit aside in favor of a smooth, relaxed beat on “Grooveline Pt. 1.” Fans of the production on Section.80 should enjoy the beats on H&C. The transitions from one track to the next are natural and Q switches it up in just the right times to keep it from getting repetitive, such as the hard, foreboding “Nightmare on Figg Street.” Production credits include THC, The Alchemist and Wale’s pals Best Kept Secret. Standout Tracks: Nightmare on Figg Street, Druggies With Hoes Again, Oxy Music, Sacrilegious.