One-2: Destiny

The rap game has turned into middle class work. And when I say that it’s not with the intentions of bashing or discrediting any artist, but in the last 20 years Hip Hop has become over-saturated with artist; this along with the drastic decrease in album sales that has plagued the music industry since the birth of napster, and you get a Hip Hop industry where you’re favorite rapper probably doesn’t even make more then $100,000 a year, and that’s with a good album out. But if there is one thing this over-saturation has done, it has given fans a better ear for the music. The days of going to the record store and spending $20 on an album that ends up being garbage are over. Mixtapes, and illegal downloading sites make it to easy to access your favorite artist, so if people are paying for your album it’s either because you’re a really good artist, or you’re making music for the moment and the casual fan is eating it up. Let me be clear when I say this; One-2’s is not making music for the moment, we just may have something here.