[Mixtape Review] Big K.R.I.T: 4Eva N A Day

Hip-Hop nowadays is different from that of the past, not only because of the sound, but also the way an artist generates a buzz. For example, an artist has to first develop his fan base in order to put out an album. If the artist is already developed, they have to generate buzz so that he can induce sales. Most fans of the genre are constantly looking for the newest sensation. Many artists have picked up on this, and are using mixtapes as pre-albums to stay relevant. Take Big K.R.I.T for example, he has put out 2 mixtapes prior to the release of his third mixtape entitled “4eva N a Day.” The Southern based rapper has easily become one of the leading names amongst newcomers to the Hip-Hop industry. However, he has yet to gain enough attention to put out a full length album. His release date has been pushed back from September 27th 2011 to a yet to be announced date. Luckily for fans, we have his newest tape to hold us over; the question is does the project do enough to pull in more fans for K.R.I.T or is it a day late.?