Masta Ace: MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne

Hip Hop fans are constantly put between a rock and a hard place. How do you embrace this new generation of hip hop, while still paying respect to the legends who built the foundation? This is something that many fans will tell you they struggle with; especially when someone who they have always claimed to respect decides to make a comeback. This struggle can become very awkward especially when one of these artists decides to put out new music in an entirely different hip hop atmosphere than the one they dominated. We have seen many of these older artists put out music, only to be ignored by the mainstream and be told that their sound is too out of touch with what is hot today. With Masta Ace, that conundrum continues as he joins forces with the metal faced MF Doom for MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne.

Production: 8.5

The production on this album is handled in full by veteran beat smith MF Doom and ooze’s of the 90’s. A basic beat structure with Piano and saxophone chords thrown in to add a mid tempo jazz feel. Think of the Hip Hop production era of 1992-96 and you know exactly what to expect. In the era of 808 beats and multi-layered sound effects, Doom seems to be attempting to send a message to listeners, “lyrics matter.”  The beats on this album are made to put little emphasis on production, and making it easier to zone in on the lyrics. The albums sound is 100% Old School New York, and is littered with DJ scratches, back spins, and basic drum patterns. The chemistry between Ace and Doom is very evident, with his lyrical approach being completely in tune with Dooms production. If you’re a fan of the new up-tempo, electric fad you will find a hard time connecting with this album.