Crooked I: Psalm 82:V6

One of the hardest things to do as a hip-hop artist is to break into the mainstream. Often Emcee’s have to get big name collaboration, or dumb down their content; in a way “sell out” in order to appeal to the masses. However, other times artist stick to their root and go with their gut; they don’t care if it takes them weeks, months even years to reach mainstream success; one of these artists is Long Beach native and one fourth of the monster known as Slaughterhouse, Crooked I. He was signed to the biggest name in West Coast hip-hop, Death Row, and had his deal fall through; now as part of one of the biggest groups in the game, Crooked I releases his newest Mixtape/Album entitled, Psalm 82:V6. I call it an album, when truly it is only a mixtape, but the quality of music is just so high it has to be considered more than just a tape, and it does contain 18 tracks with original production and big name features. For those tight pants wearing, pop rap, singing heaving hip-hop fans, this project will be a stretch for you; however for those hip-hop heads and hardcore fans of the LBC native you have just hit the jackpot. With that said, what kind of substance does the project hold… well let’s find out.