Big K.R.I.T.: Live From The Underground

Southern Twang… What does that really mean? Does Hip-Hop even need the South? For awhile it seem like it didn’t, with the East and West coast putting the game in a choke hold, it seemed there was no real room for the South to make a name for itself. However, do to the likes of UGK, The Geto Boyz, Outkast and T.I. just to name a few, the South is just as prevalent when talking about Hip-Hop. Sadly though, in the past few years, Southern Hip-Hop has been seen as more of a dance crazed bubble gum rap machine, than anything else. Although recently, new artist have been doing their part in changing all that and restoring credibility to the Dirty. Big K.R.I.T. is one of those newcomers; this Mississippi native, born Justin Scott, grew up on the classics and it is very evident in his music. A producer and rapper, Krizzle has made quite a name for himself through the mixtape circuit. After 3 arguably masterful tapes, it is time we get the official major label debut by Big K.R.I.T. entitled Live from the Underground. His name stands for King Remembered in Time; the question is, will his music be remembered?