B.o.B.: Strange Clouds

There is an old saying that goes, “all I need is a foot in the door”. The phrase usually comes from someone hungry and hopeful in getting a simple chance in what they love to do. However, what happens when that person has already walked through the door and is just sitting on the couch? Well, established artists usually have much more leeway when it comes to organically creating their music. Take all the major hip-hop stars in the game, they put out albums or projects when they see fit. Now, while B.o.B is a solid star ,he isn’t as established as others. Luckily for him, his label allows him to have creative control over most of his music; having 5 chart topping singles doesn’t hurt either. The success of his first album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, undoubtedly gave B.o.B and his label some much needed confidence in his music; off that success, it allows Bobby Ray to present us with his second offering, Strange Clouds. The albums release date was May 1st, you ask then why did it take over a week for a review? Ill tell you why, it’s because the type of music presented. I was expecting a very unique and diverse project, but what I got was kind of out there. Now I’m all for different style music, artist like Cee-Lo, KiD CuDi and even Drake bring their own unique style to hip-hop. However, many listeners knock some of these artists, because they feel the music shouldn’t necessarily be considered “Hip-Hop”. Now, I fully respect and agree that B.o.B is extremely talented; however I feel that he is just so creative and so unique that it takes away from him being considered a true hip-hop artist. Let’s dive into the album and see just how strange the clouds really get.