Snoop Goes Solo On Ego Trippin’, Inspired By Amy Winehouse

Looks like Uncle Snoop is going to try to pull off what Kanye failed to do with “Graduation.” The West Coast legend says he’ll be going solo on his next LP, “Ego Trippin”, and will not feature any guest appearances—because he doesn’t need them.

“Me and Pharrell went into the studio last night, and we’re gonna start on this album called Ego Trippin’,” Snoop told MTV last Week.

“I’mma do the whole record, me by myself. I don’t want no guest rappers, no singer, nothing. Just Snoop Dogg. I want you to feel me. When I think of all the greats before me … I bought Rakim’s album the other day for the hundredth time, no guest rappers. I bought one of KRS-One’s albums the other day for the hundredth time, no guest rappers.

“You lose focus after awhile when you’re doing an album,” Snoop continued. ” ‘Snoop, you got a new album coming out. Who’s on it?’ I’ll be like, ‘I got him on it, him on it, them on it.’ When it’s time to do the video, they’ll do the video with me, but when it’s time to do a show with them, ‘Oh, I got a show in Germany,’ or, ‘I got to be in Paris.’ You’re left one-legged. Now it’s time to show artists.

Can you handle the whole weight? Do you got enough to do it on your own? Did you put yourself in a position where people love you for you — or for being associated with people? This record, I’m seriously ego-tripping like, ‘I don’t want you on my album. Nah, I don’t need you.’ “

Snoop, who got the idea to go solo on his forthcoming LP from British Songstress Amy Winhouse, says he wants listeners to get to know him on a more personal level.

“[When I’m listening], I’m learning who she is,” he said about the soulful singer.

“But when you listen to James Brown, he did it by himself. Curtis Mayfield, by himself. Of course they did collaborations, but the [songs] that matter they did by themselves. I don’t think people have got all of me yet. Doggystyle was about 95 percent of me. But I wanted Tha Dogg Pound on my album. This record, even if this record don’t sell, that might be a blessing. It needs to get back to [letting people know] who you are. I don’t know whose record I’m buying right now because it’s so many people on it. Is it a compilation? What is it?”

No word yet as to when the LP will be released.

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