Lupe’s LupEND, Talks Cool Concept

Gearing up for the release of his sophomore effort with the concept album, “The Cool,” Chicag0 MC Lupe Fiasco is already putting bets on how his career will end.

“‘LupEND’ — that’s going to be my last album’s title.” Lupe tells

“When you play a videogame, you can only put in three letters for your name and when the game’s over, those three letters and ‘END’ pop up. My next record might be my last one.” He continued.

In an earlier interview with Billboard, Lupe expressed his disappointment in his career as well as Hip Hop itself.

“My whole energy for making hip-hop music is slowing down. I’ve been doing it for seven years. I still don’t think I’m famous.” The MC retorted.

Now however, it appears as if the ‘Kick Push’ hitmaker has come to terms with his fan base.

“I have a core fan base of about 200,000 people, so I’m fairly comfortable that I can sell 200,000 if it takes me a year-and-a-half.”

“I don’t know how to make a No. 1 record, so I don’t even try,” he says.

Fiasco explains that The Cool “is actually the little boy from ‘He Say/She Say’ who grew up without a father. And the people that step in to raise him are the Streets and the Game, like how people also say, ‘The streets raised me.’ It’s an answer to that.”

“The reason behind the whole ‘The Cool’ concept is because I miss my father, Stack Bundles, my auntie and Chill. I found solace in the miracle in itself and it came out in ‘The Cool.’ I wish the shit was true.” Said Lupe.

You can check out the entire feature, “The Unclassifiable Lupe Fiasco” here.

The Cool is expected to hit stores December 18th, 2007.

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