Joe Budden Vs. Amalgam: Great Escape Hold-Up Explained

Joey recently responded to the claims about the contract and why he won’t turn in Great Escape.

i’m wide awake so i’ll try my best 2 help some of u guys out while i’m bored….

first of all, 2 fully understand the dude, you’d have 2 know him, he’s a little off in the way he thinks, which i am also, but just 2 try & hint at what i’m talking about..

he believes he’s part of some illuminati s**t & can control the president’s moves w/ 1 phone call (sounds wild, right ??)

cliff note version – dude wanted 2 sign SH, didn’t happen…

i signed a 2 album deal after PR, 1 digital, 1 physical w/ a 140k advance all in… 80 2 be paid up front, 60 4 them to hold 2 pay producers, mixing, etc..

said contract was 2 pages… 1 being the actual contract, 1 being the sheet 2 sign….

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