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Rapper Rich Feat. Matt Meyer Lanksy – Heart (Prod. By Ambassador Billz)

Rapper RIch Drops his new single "Heart" This week

June 05, 2013 Singles
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[Throwback of the week] Happy Birthday J Dilla: Stussy Documentary

Defsounds honors the birthday/life of the late great J Dilla

February 07, 2013 This Is Dope
J-Dilla (1) 2

Long Live J Dilla: Welcome 2 Dilla Month

What up ya’ll so in honor of the late great J Dilla anything I post this month will be all Dilla For those who don’t

February 01, 2013 News
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[Throwback Of The Week] Questlove – J Dilla Tribute Mix

Defsounds!!! What up! For the past few weeks these servers have been fucking me up and not allowing me to log in for some reason…

January 31, 2013 News
nas-main-source-live-at-the-bbq 14

[Throwback of the week] Main Source – Live at the BBQ (Ft. Nasty Nas)

Defsounds! What’s the deal looks like we are all back on point from NYE and back at it! Anyways this weeks throwback is one that

January 10, 2013 Singles
jay-z-black-american-gangster-1 4


9th Wonder x Jay-z - Black American Gangster

January 03, 2013 Mixtapes
biggie-smalls 23

[Throwback of the week] Biggie Smalls – Ten Crack Commandments


January 03, 2013 Singles
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[Throwback of the week] Mobb Deep – The Realest (Feat. Kool G Rap)

Throwback of the week - Mobb Deep - The Realest

December 27, 2012 Singles
madlib-remixes-1997-2007 2

The Madlib Remixes 1997-2007 (J Rocc Mixtape)

Yo what up Defsounds…..Rapper Rich here on a pretty chilly Saturday night here in South Florida. To make up for my absence I have a

December 22, 2012 News
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[Throwback of the week] O’l Dirty Bastard – Cuttin Headz

Defsounds what is really good! Rapper rich back with a special throwback for you guys this week. My apologies for being so ghost with this feature lately

December 20, 2012 News
Artofwar 5


Yo what up DefSounds. So a few months back I participated in Miami’s biggest battle league The Art Of War. Ran by battle vets such

December 17, 2012 News
cormega_top 12

[Throwback of the week] Cormega – Therapy

Happy thanksgiving Defsounds much love to you and your families on this Holiday weekend This week’s throwback is from one of Queens Bridge finest’s emcees.

November 22, 2012 Videos
odb-shirt-2go 7

R.I.P O’l Dirty Bastard (November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004)

R.i.p O'l Dirty!!! Defsounds commemorates you today!

November 13, 2012 Blogs
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Rapper Rich – Self Expressions (Prod. By BLCK-RSSN)

Rapper Rich drops his new single Self Expressions today exclusively on Defsounds

November 13, 2012 Singles
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[Throwback of the week] Heavy D – Big Daddy

What up Defsounds welcome to another throwback of the week! This week we got the legend himself Heavy D! For all of my recent posts

November 08, 2012 Videos
Villians 4

Singles: Shark Anthony – New Villains (Feat. Karma & Rikki) [Prod. By Shark Anthony]

If you’re into some soft feel really crisp/clean hip hop well here it is Shark Anthony and Karma two local South Florida emcees/producer have got

November 05, 2012 Singles
meekmill 9

Topic Of Discussion: Meek Mill Vs DNA

Topic of discussion is a new feature brought to you by Defsounds every Monday

November 05, 2012 Blogs
mfDoom 13

[Throwback of the week] MF DOOM – Gas Drawls

Defsounders!! Welcome back to another beautiful Thursday and another throwback of the week. I believe you all already know who this is but for those

November 01, 2012 Videos
RedmanReggieavywithscanlines 4

[Throwback of the Week] Redman – Tonight’s Da Night

What up Defsounders this is Rapper Rich again back here on another beautiful Thursday morning from beautiful Miami. Hope everybody is having a great week

October 25, 2012 Videos
L-Boogie-2 6

[Throwback of the week] Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones

Good morning defsounders this is Rapper Rich reporting live from petland! Enjoying a fine cup of coffee and a few golden retrievers to get the

October 18, 2012 Videos
big-l 13

[Throwback of the week] Big L – All Black

Check out this week's Throwback of the Week .. They don't make 'em like this anymore

October 11, 2012 Videos
Juru The Damaja 3

[Throwback Of The Week] Jeru The Damaja: The Bitches

New Feature - DefSounds goes back to the classics for Throwback of the Week

October 04, 2012 Videos
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